Our Story

CitiGlobe Pharmacies Ltd was established in 2011 in Freetown the capital city of Sierra Leone. Because of our highly qualified, professional and competent pharmacists/heath care providers, we pride ourselves in being one of the best pharmacies in the country to deliver the best pharmaceutical care services and the only innovator in incorporating public health into community pharmacy practice.

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Community Engagement

Every year we make sure we give back to the community by offering free diabetes screening, education and sensitization in various communities across the country.
We also collaborate with community-based organizations like the KnowHep Foundation Sierra Leone, to undergo free community outreach services on hepatitis and health promotion in various communities nationwide.

Apart from provision of affordable and high-quality drugs, Citiglobe Pharmacy is known as the only pharmacy that essentially operates as diabetes clinic, offering diabetes education and screening on a daily basis to the public. Over the years, with our professional services, we have been able to prevent complications due to diabetes.