About us


CitiGlobe Pharmacies Ltd is the leading pharmacy in Sierra Leone and the most service oriented pharmacy that strives to provide high quality pharmaceutical care services to Sierra Leoneans.
CitiGlobe pharmacy is also the first to provide in house rapid diagnostic testing of prevalent diseases like typhoid, malaria, syphilis, H pylori (ulcer), Hepatitis B & C. Hence it has proudly contributed in the health care delivery system, by managing drug therapy problems and offering advice to patients with chronic diseases like; like hypertension, diabetes, asthma and sexually transmitted diseases.
CitiGlobe pharmacy prides itself as the only pharmacy that operates as a diabetes clinic and strives daily to improve the lives of diabetic patients in Sierra Leone. It is one of the few pharmacies with full time in-house pharmacists/pharmacy technicians or nurse with vast experience and knowledge in community and clinical pharmacy, nutrition, and public health. We also engage in research of prevalent disease in the country more so for that of Hepatitis B and Diabetes.
CitiGlobe pharmacy is the only pharmacy in the country that gives back to its community by undergoing community awareness raising, free screening and sensitization about Hepatitis B. Through its community services, in collaboration with community based organisations and other social organisations, we have been able to contribute in the screening and immunization for Hepatitis B of thousands of Sierra Leoneans so far.

Our expertise

Rapid diagnostic tests for prevalent diseases like malaria, typhoid fever, Hepatitis B, HIV and H. Pylori etc

Oncotic therapy

Drug therapy adviceĀ 

Detection of drug therapy problems

Dietary advice for weight management in obese people and diet plans for those who wish to lose weight to prevent diabetes or cardiovascular events.